Meet Our Executive Team

CAMRA Vancouver’s Executive team were elected at our 2014 Annual General Meeting.

President: Adam Chatburnnewcamra-exec
Vice President: Kerry Dyson
Treasurer: Ryan Baker
Secretary: Samantha Ingham
Membership: Dan Olson
Community Liaison: David Perry
Communications Director: Monica Frost
Events Coordinator: Amanda Barry
Education Liaison: Danny Seeton

Non – Executive
Communications Support Team:
Cask Events and Homebrewing News: Shawna Perry
Webmaster: Ashleigh Begg
Creative: Justin Longoz
Video: Darren Hull

Executive Bios

Amanda Barry-Butchart
She is a lover of all things local, and at the top of her list is craft beer. She had always liked the better beer on tap, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she found out what real ale really was. Now in her 5th year on the CAMRA Vancouver executive, Amanda credits 2010 for really propelling the scene in Vancouver to a new height and knows that each year will be even bigger than the last as education surrounding craft beer reaches a new height. She surrounds herself with eccentric brewers, crafty home brewers, and conscientious industry folk that enjoy promoting and supporting a common objective; bringing local, craft beer to the masses through events, education, awareness and changes in archaic liquor laws. If you want to chat beer with Amanda, you can find her at many beer events, or working hard for the folks over at Bridge Brewing as their Sales Manager.

Adam Chatburn

Originally from Blackburn, Lancashire this passionate Brit has been an award-winning homebrewer since the age of 15, his dream came true in 1998 when he took over as head brewer at the Blackburn Brewing Company. He was also a pro-wrestler for 3 years and hopes to re-enter the ring one-day for one last match. He also cheer-leads on field for Whitecaps as a member of the Southsiders. This is his second term as Vancouver President and he hopes to keep the pressure on lawmakers to make changes to benefit the interests of craft beer enthusiasts.

Danny Seeton

Danny has been an active member of the craft beer and homebrew community since before 2009. As a graduate student at UBC, he is passionate about education and has been a guest lecturer at UBC teaching students about beer within the context of sustainability. He is also very active in the beer judging community; as a National Rank BJCP judge he currently administers exams for the evaluation of new judges. As the Lead Brewer at Parallel 49 Brewing Company his technical understanding of beer and brewing is ample and ever growing. He is eager to increase the educational profile of CAMRA Vancouver and to help spread brewing knowledge to all that share his passion.

Ryan Baker

Ryan has been an avid enthusiast of craft beer for years and has seen (and tasted) the Vancouver Craft Beer community grow progressively to where it is today. He loves skiing, hiking, camping, frequently enjoying a craft beer after each of those activities. What could be better than enjoying a great beer with friends on top of a mountain? He joined CAMRA in 2012 and dove right into the treasurer position in order to help CAMRA and the Vancouver craft beer community grow and prosper. He is committed to ensuring that CAMRA continues its growth and expands its role within the Vancouver craft beer community.

Monica Frost

Monica first became involved with CAMRA 5 years ago as Corporate Liaison and for the past 3 years has been Communications Director. Craft beer has been a passion since an early age. She credits European parents for having an adventurous palate. A trip to Oregon in the early 90’s brought gorgeous and tasty unfiltered hefeweizen for the first time and she was hooked! Discovering DIX cask nights years ago and the craft beer community that has grown from that has opened up a whole new world. Monica has been involved with the CAMRA Vancouver Newsletter over the years and as the Editor the past 2 years. You can also find her as @socially_monica on Twitter.

Shawna Perry

As the cask and homebrewing liason of the Communications Committee, Shawna works with restaurant managers and business operators on a variety of cask and homebrewing tasks including sharing cask night information on social media, sharing news and information on homebrewing events & specials happenings at local homebrewing shops as well as any special projects as directed by the Communications Director. Shawna began her tenure with CAMRA Vancouver in 2013. Having relocated to BC from Ontario in 2008, the beer scene was a new and exciting one to become immersed in. Prior to that, Shawna was the Public Relations and Resources Director of the Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team while completing her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology at Carleton University. Immediately following that, she completed her education in Television Broadcasting and has been working in the TV industry ever since. Shawna and her husband David currently reside in Vancouver with their puggle Daisy. In her spare time Shawna enjoys dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, outdoor snow events and Taekwondo.

More bios coming soon.