A Membership Card With Benefits

CAMRA BC Members in good standing have the opportunity to receive a number of benefits courtesy of some of our fine craft beer community supporters. These are of course, subject to change. Also, don’t forget you’ll need to show your membership card.

A "well loved" member card.

A “well loved” member card

*Note to Members: discounts are not a requirement or an expectation of our CAMRA BC supporters. Such discounts are benefits offered by individual CAMRA BC community supporters as a way for them to say thank-you to CAMRA members. These discounts are at the discretion of each supporter and are subject to change without notice. Please clarify if and what member benefits exist with each community supporter representative, ahead of your purchase so there are no misunderstandings. If misunderstandings do occur, please respect our supporters and their representatives and contact our Community Liaison. Thank you for understanding and for supporting our community partners.

Download a printable version of out benefits here: CAMRA Benefits June 2015

*Note to Supporters: If you’re not on this list or if you would like to update your member benefit, please let our Community Liaison know. Thanks!