CAMRA Vancouver Update

Dear CAMRA BC – Vancouver Branch (former) members,

You have likely already heard something in the past few years about the struggles to revitalize the CAMRA Vancouver Branch and keep it going.

There have been several serious attempts by the CAMRA BC executive together with a few CAMRA Vancouver members to reinvigorate membership engagement in the region and set up a solid committee, but unfortunately with no lasting success.

There are simply not enough members willing and able to commit to taking on a role on the committee or even attend events that were organized with so much energy and enthusiasm by the regional committee.

It is with sadness that the CAMRA BC executive together with the remaining Vancouver committee members therefore:

Have dissolved the branch as of December 31, 2023.

What does this mean for current Vancouver branch members?

You are a CAMRA BC member through the Vancouver branch. Your membership will continue to be valid until the expiry of your current card. The region is just non-active. This means there is no one organizing events or working to continue or extend membership discounts at local establishments.

Once your membership expires, you can choose to renew your CAMRA BC membership through either CAMRA Victoria or CAMRA South Okanagan’s branches.You will continue to be able to use Vancouver benefits as long as local establishments will honour them.

Can the Vancouver Branch be reinstated later on?

CAMRA BC will reserve $5,000 and hold that amount in trust for 2 years (ending December 31, 2025), to assist in the re-startup of a Vancouver branch.

For the re-start, there will need to be at least 4 members in the Vancouver area who are committing to a term on the regional committee and each of these roles must be filled: treasurer, communications and 2 event planners. Any proposals and potential expenses will be put to the CAMRA BC Executive for assessment and will be voted on.

CAMRA BC will also reserve $1,000 for operating expenses to keep the name CAMRA Vancouver for 2 years (ending December 31, 2025). Expenses like the domain name, web hosting, etc will be covered by these funds. Any expenses will be voted on and need approval from the CAMRA BC Executive.

If no new committee has been set up by the end of the 2 years, the (remainder of the) reserved funds will be absorbed back into CAMRA BC. 

If an effort to set up a new committee has just begun before the end of the 2 years, the CAMRA BC Executive may vote to extend the period to hold the funds in trust by 6 months.

As of December 31, 2023 any Vancouver region funds over the $6,000 total reserved for Vancouver Branch operations and reinstatement will be absorbed back into CAMRA BC.


CAMRA BC Executive Team