Month: February 2013

  • Save The Growler!

    The craft beer explosion in BC has brought back something from history that had almost completely vanished in Canada: The Growler!

  • What’s Trending? Growlers!

    With the craft beer movement settling in, you may have noticed people walking around town with big, brown, glass jugs filled with beer. If not, you may have heard people use the word “growlers” when talking about beer. Right now, these “growlers” are all the rage in the craft beer community — by the drinkers,…

  • A Message from Our President

    Once again liquor law changes are one step forward, two steps back… Last week the provincial government made some significant amendments which affect many of the craft breweries here in Vancouver. It gives them the option of obtaining licence endorsements allowing special events and “lounges”. This means that breweries could apply to serve more than…

  • CAMRA Welcomes Positive Changes for BC Craft Beer

    Vancouver, BC – The Campaign for Real Ale Society of British Columbia welcomed the revisions to the province’s liquor laws announced by Minister Rich Coleman on Friday. It is anticipated that these changes will further boost the current boom in craft brewing that has given consumers significantly more locally-produced products to choose from.