Month: May 2013

  • FUSS Cards

    Although we’ve been busy of late working on other advocacy issues we’ve not neglected any of our existing campaigns.

  • Corporate Supporters Spotlight: Four Winds Brewing

    CAMRA continues its series of interviews with organizations who support CAMRA and the craft beer heroes behind them. We’re excited to introduce you to the folks who brew your favourite beers, run your local homebrew store, sling suds at your local taproom, or make sure your liquor store is stocked with craft beer deliciousness.

  • Cask Fest & New Membership System

    Last weekend CAMRA BC – Vancouver Chapter, in partnership with the Portside Pub hosted the Annual Spring Sessional Cask Festival. I’m not alone in saying that it was the best event CAMRA BC has ever hosted. It boasted a great selection of session-strength beers featuring tasty offerings from both the stalwarts of Vancouver’s brewing scene…

  • Presidential Brewery Visits

    I’ve been busy recently meeting MLAs, launching campaigns, speaking to the City Council, cheerleading for the Southsiders and occasionally drinking a beer but I’ve also taken a few opportunities to abuse my position as CAMRA BC – Vancouver Chapter President and indulge in a private hobby – visiting breweries under construction.