Month: July 2014

  • Partial Pitcher Minimal Pricing Victory

    In their usual Friday announcement burial slot the BC Liberals announced a climb down on the Minimum Pricing of beer – but before we start celebrating there’s a catch (isn’t there always).

  • Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

    The Spotlight is a series of interviews with the craft beer heroes behind local organizations who are helping grow the beer scene in our fine city. This week’s spotlight is on Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks

  • CAMRA BC Summit #2 is in the Books!

    On Saturday July 19th I spent over 5 hours getting to Victoria to attend the second of three Summit meetings between the individual branches and the BC Executive. These historic meetings allow us to talk over some of the problems and successes that we’ve had since our first Summit here in Vancouver. It’s also a…

  • #FUSS Update: Stateside Craft Change Glassware

    After our first FUSS-testing trip on Commercial Drive we were surprised just how many places weren’t serving what they claimed. We contacted each of the locations via social media – most brushed us off or ignored us but Stateside Craft, the newest craft beer Mecca on the drive (40 taps of awesome) contacted us back…

  • Let your #unhappyhour Letters Fly!

    Since last week I’ve been cc’d on dozens of letters to politicians expressing their dismay over the new minimum pricing policy-as-law.

  • #FUSS Comes Back With a Vengeance

    How was your Saturday? I had a great time – Whitecaps won, Bike Rave was amazing and I even went for a few beers on the drive with my buddy Ryan. The last thing seems to have upset some people.