Month: August 2015

  • Community Expansion

    Summer is quickly nearing its end and before we know it, all this beautiful weather will be behind us. On top of that, we have had a less than ideal liquor reform courtesy of Suzanne Anton and John Yap which has left consumers paying more than ever for the beers they love. (You can read…

  • Advocacy Update: Navigating FOIPPA – Part One

    Advocacy Update: Navigating FOIPPA – Part One

    As if there wasn’t enough to dissect and make sense of, last week we saw a major shakeup in the Parliamentary cabinet, with Suzanne Anton being swapped out for Coralee Oakes, amongst other shuffling. Framed in ways that vary from one media outlet to another, there is one point that remains consistent regardless of whose publication you may read…

  • Denman Beer Wine and Spirits

    Denman Beer Wine and Spirits

    The Spotlight is a series of interviews with the craft beer heroes behind local organizations who are helping grow the beer scene in our fine city. In this issue, we look at Denman Beer Wine and Spirits.