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We want you! CAMRA Vancouver is 100% volunteer run. We are only as active as your participation allows us to be! There are many ways to get involved including multiple events through out the year, where individuals are needed for setting up, tearing down, pouring and serving beer along with various other tasks.

Also, you can learn more below about CAMRA Vancouver’s initiatives and get involved on a ongoing basis through one of our committees listed below. Please contact the committee chairs for more information and opportunities. General volunteer inquiries can be e-mailed to our Volunteer Coordinator. Please note that we do ask volunteers to be CAMRA members in good standing.


>>E-mail CAMRA Vancouver Events Coordinator
The CAMRA Vancouver Events Committee’s mandate is to plan, coordinate and execute events focusing on craft beer and the craft beer industry. With a team of volunteers, the committee acts as ambassadors for the event, the craft beer movement and the establishment. The commitment level of committee volunteers is roughly 3 hours a week, and may be more, closer to an actual event date.


>>E-mail CAMRA Vancouver President
The CAMRA Vancouver Policy & Advocacy Committee’s mandate is to figure out how we, as real beer consumers, found ourselves in an environment where good craft beer is hard to come by, expensive, and not served well (if represented at all) by the general restaurant and bar industry. Secondly, to construct a number of logical responses to the laws as are currently in effect and make these policy alternatives known to each level of government.

Education Committee

>> E-mail Education Liaison,
CAMRA BC has always been dedicated to sharing the knowledge of “real ale” but this year we are taking it a step further into the service industry and creating a Beer Education Program in hopes to regulate and educate the restaurants, pubs and that serve you. Utilizing a series of comprehensive training seminars and an extensive beer manual, CAMRA Vancouver will be offering the program to all members and industry who are interested.

Communications Team

>> Email Communications Director
Do you love Twitter? Can’t get enough Instagram? Talented or aspiring writer who wants to share info and articles on craft beer?  We want you! Send us an email letting us know what you want to do.

It is beneficial and in some cases mandatory for our volunteers to have a Serving It Right certificate. The course materials and final test are available online for a fee of $35.

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