Author: CAMRA Vancouver

  • Vine&hops Beer and Wine Tours

    One of the most exciting and easy ways to explore new breweries is with a tour company. They do all the logistics for you and drive all day, so all you have to do is show up and have a great time! Vine&hops Beer and Wine Tours is one of the tour companies running in…

  • BC Farm Crafted Cider Association

    Perhaps you’ve heard that we’re hosting the first Vancouver Craft Cider Festival this month! While tickets are sold out, we’d love to tell you more about one of the organizations that many of the cideries attending are members of. Formed just this past summer, the BC Farm Crafted Cider Association, primarily acts as a voice for…

  • Community Spotlight: Orchard & The Sea

    A pop up cider bar? It’s a thing! And it happens right here in Vancouver on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Birds and the Beets transforms into Orchard & The Sea, a bar that’s dedicated to all things cider!

  • Home Cidering

    I don’t consider myself an expert in the field of home cidering, but what I can do it give you a simple how-to on how to get started! First you’ll need your vessel. I use a 3 gallon glass carboy, but if you’re wanting to do a smaller batch you can use a 1 gallon “jug”.…

  • Vancouver’s Canadian Beer Awards Haul

    In case you didn’t know, the Canadian Brewing Awards took place this past weekend in Richmond. It’s quite a testament to the growing craft beer scene that we were able to host the awards! Even more so, Vancouver and area CLEANED UP! Massive congratulations to all the brewers for their hard and delicious work! You…

  • Community Spotlight: Mike Garson

    One of Vancouver’s most prolific bloggers is also CAMRA Vancouver’s 2015 silver award winner for best blog! You might have heard of Mike’s Craft Beer, but have you met the Mike behind the blog? Get to know Mike Garson in this edition of the CAMRA Vancouver Spotlight

  • A year-end look back

    As I write my last piece for the website before our AGM this month, I am simply overjoyed when I think about what we have done this year, and what the future holds. What we have accomplished this year simply wouldn’t have been possible without the best team out there. Here’s a small sampling of…

  • Craft Beer in China

    Although it feels like there’s a new brewery in Vancouver every day, it may surprise you that the fastest growing beer market is China.

  • Executive Nominations

    It is hard to believe that next month it will have been one year since I took over the presidency of the Vancouver Branch of this amazing organization. We have had a fantastic year full of ups and downs. We had a new team of fresh faces that were keen to be a difference maker…

  • Beer Mile World Record

    History was made on December 1st, when Ontario-born Lewis Kent set a new world record for the fastest Beer Mile. For those who don’t know, the Beer Mile is a frat house inspired race that requires athletes to finish 4 beers over the course of a mile (four laps of a track). Last month, 21…

  • A Look at “What’s Brewing”

    Let’s look back to the early 2000s, before our current Vancouver branch was even in existence. Paul Morris, Lundy Dale, and a few others would meet regularly at a coffee shop (!) in Steveston as part of the Richmond Branch of CAMRA BC. Paul recalls, “The Lower Mainland scene, in terms of craft beer outlets, was dontown Vancouver. Monthly cask nights had started at DIX in July 2002 and there were a bunch…

  • CAMRA Vancouver Winter Beer Faves

    It’s time to curl up around the fire and stay out of the cold. And what better way to do that than with some of British Columbia’s yummiest winter beers! Some of the CAMRA Vancouver executive have some tasty recommendations for you.

  • The Beer Pipeline

    Bruges is soon to unveil the world’s first “Beer Pipeline” Pipelines are a pretty contentious subject here in BC, but a Belgian brewery has proposed something I think we can all agree on. The guys at De Halve Maan brewery have been brewing in Bruges’ Medieval old town since the mid 1500’s, but in order…

  • Community Spotlight – Beer Me BC

    If you ask beer drinkers in British Columbia where they go for their brewery information and beer reviews, they will give you many different sources. One, however, seems to have been a staple since craft beer took its major upswing in the late 2000s – and that is Beer Me BC.

  • Community Spotlight: Danny Seeton

    Community Spotlight: Danny Seeton

    I have had the chance to work with Danny in various capacities for several years now and I must say that he is truly an incredible man. Very few people in the Vancouver Craft Beer scene are as genuine, caring, intelligent and funny as Danny is. His smile is infectious and his passion for learning…

  • Pico: The Keurig of Beer?

    Pico: The Keurig of Beer?

    Check out what Forbes Magazine is calling the Keurig of beer! The Pico is a kitchen appliance that makes fresh homebrew with just the push of a button. Created by Microsoft ex-vice president Bill Mitchell, this nifty machine uses pre-packaged ingredient pods to take the hassle out of homebrewing.

  • Powell River Fest and CAMRA BC Summit

    To start off, I need to talk a little bit about the festival. It was intimate, it was festive, it was everything you want a beer festival to be. I saw booths at the festival that included mainstays like Parallel 49 Brewing as well as lesser known to me like 9 Mile Brewing from Saskatoon.…

  • BC Hop Fest

    The inaugural BC Hop Fest happened Saturday, October 3rd.  Presented by the BC Craft Brewers Guild and BC Hop Company Ltd. it billed itself as the first Fresh Beer Festival in BC.

  • Ridge Brewing Company’s Lounge License Application Support

    In support of craft beer, we wrote to the City of Maple Ridge on September 10, 2015 in support of the lounge license application for Ridge Brewing Company. See below for a copy of the letter we sent

  • Maple Ridge and Mission Breweries

    First of all, let me say that my wife and I deciding to drive up the Coquihalla on a short camping trip was one of the best decisions we made all summer. It was so nice and relaxing to pitch a tent, turn the phones off, and drink some beer and recharge! It’s easy to…