Corporate Education Program

CAMRA BC believes in craft beer education – we try to have a component in everything we do. For the last few years, our Education Liaison has been running information booths and our monthly classes.

We now offer an education program for businesses. Aimed primarily at bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, we tailor a class to their individual needs so that they can provide better service to the sophisticated and knowledgeable craft beer connoisseur. However, it isn’t just limited to craft-beer establishments. We’re happy to roll it out to anyone and everyone who wants to learn.

Liquor Stores moving towards craft beer might want some Measurement Canada direction on what to stock, or train their staff on what’s already in store so they can give better advice to customers. Bars and restaurants may find a class for servers about their tap list, beer styles or food pairing suggestions useful. We can also provide some tips on serving, sizes, glassware, casks and line-cleaning. Or maybe they just have a lot of questions that we can answer.

Our team of craft beer experts stand ready to arrange an education event tailored to your needs and availability. We can offer either one 90 minute class or 2×60 minute classes. Best of all, as long as it is on your premises and within the CAMRA BC – Vancouver Branch district, there’s no charge!

All we ask is that everyone who comes to the education class joins CAMRA BC and that there’s a minimum of 12 attendees (no maximum). Memberships start at just $20 per person and we can process these memberships in the class. Not only will this be a great training event for a great price, it also gives them access to CAMRA BC’s benefits, pre-sales, and member only events.

To arrange a class or for more information please contact us


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