Ridge Brewing Company’s Lounge License Application Support

In support of craft beer, we wrote to the City of Maple Ridge on September 10, 2015 in support of the lounge license application for Ridge Brewing Company. See below for a copy of the letter we sent

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing you on behalf of CAMRA BC, Vancouver Branch. CAMRA BC is a registered non-profit dedicated to promoting, educating and advocating for Craft Beer in British-Columbia. We represent a membership base of approximately 3,000 consumers in the Greater Vancouver Area.

The CAMRA BC, Vancouver Branch Executive Board whole-heartedly endorses Ridge Brewing Company’s request for a lounge license.

Our members travel across the province to experience the beers that it has to offer, and Maple Ridge is no exception. I can tell you that I visited Ridge Brewing personally about a month ago and was impressed by the passion that they had for bringing an outstanding experience to their local community.

Many suburban communitIes around Vancouver have granted Lounge Licenses to their local breweries with very positive impact on the local economies – I point to Port Moody as a shining example of this.

We urge you to support their application as it will have a lasting impact on your community.


David Perry
CAMRA BC, Vancouver Branch





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  1. mikescraftbeer Avatar

    That’s a well worded letter. I hope it helps!

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