Community Supporters, What Has Changed?

Recently we have heard some of our community partners ask for classification about how their relationship with CAMRA has changed now that we don’t take money from them in the form of yearly Corporate memberships.

The answer is that we are now going to be pursuing a system of community support – we will promote and advertise those organisations who are actively contributing to the craft-beer culture in positive and creative ways. There will be no charge for this, however we reserve editorial control over what gets promoted as we only have limited resources. Our Community Liaison is Sammie Gough.

Now that the craft beer scene in Vancouver is so much bigger with many more businesses and events vying for support we can’t promote everything and we can’t promise to include everyone nor can anyone demand support or take it for granted.

With events every night of the week somewhere in the city, doing something that really stands out, something that really gives back to the community, something creative and unusual will catch our interest and we’ll be all over it. Even if you’re not a business, if you’re doing something innovative in craft beer we can help you promote for free!

We are all part of the craft beer community and as long as we nurture and contribute to that community it will grow and prosper so let’s keep it positive and inclusive. Someone at the AGM voiced concerns that this policy would lead to a popularity contest, and in some ways that is true, CAMRA Vancouver can’t support everything equally so we leave it to our Communications Team to spread the love around evenly.

If you want to get on their nice list I can suggest you let them know about your event/business with as much detail and notice that you can manage. Add a charitable component if possible or even offer a benefit for CAMRA members.

Additionally, after your event send us photos or post to our social media (we have instagram!), that way people will know what they missed and will make sure that they go next time!

If you want to contact our Communications Team you can email them:

Monica – Communications Director  –

Cathy – Restocks, Seasonals, Reviews, General News  –

Shawna – #CaskAlert and Homebrew Happenings –

Robert – Events and Calendar –

Community Liaison – Sammie –

Welcome to the craft beer community, we are here to help.

Adam Chatburn
President, CAMRA BC – Vancouver Branch





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