History of Beer

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Beer is the stuff of civilization. Without it we might still be living in caves and probably be consigned to drinking only wine. The discovery of beer is much romanticized, as are the various positions it has held in human culture. This peek at the history of beer, its production, and the various revolutions it has undergone will leave you thirsty for more. Samples will be supplied to help with that.

Ken Beattie, Vancouver’s resident Prud’homme® Beer Educator, has quickly become known in the beer community as a craft beer geek. He is also Executive Director for the British Columbia Craft Brewers Guild and is sure increase their notability. As an education and beer enthusiast, Ken is a welcome addition to the craft beer community.

History of Beer will be repeated periodically, check the events calendar for updated information. If you would like to schedule a craft beer education event, please contact our Education Liason.

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