President’s Update: December 2016

Advocacy campaigns are winding down into the winter and beer events are starting to slow down. That being said, we have had some amazing events in the last few weeks and have had some great volunteers that have stepped up to the plate and helped the executive team out. As we approach the holiday season our eyes turn to the AGM and how those volunteers could be a part of the executive moving forward.

In the month of January we will be hosting a meet and greet with the current executive. Some of our board members plan to stand for re-election next year, and some don’t.  This event will be centered on meeting the current team members and getting to know them and the work that they do.
Every year we struggle to find candidates that are willing to step into roles on our executive board.  I have said it the last two years, and I will say it again, these roles are a lot of work. But they are so incredibly rewarding and I can’t say enough amazing things about how well you will get to know this amazing beer community.  Speaking from my own point of view, I have made some of the best friends of my life by being involved in this organization.  I have grown exponentially as a leader – which is true of all roles on the board (not just the President.) more importantly, I have had so much fun!
Of course, there are not just executive roles available. We are always looking for a volunteer roles or executive support roles (ie marketing, community and education support.) Even if you aren’t sure if you’re interested in being involved but just want to get to know us, coming to this event is a great way to get your foot in the door
At this point we have yet to lock a date and location down – as we have been focused on Vancouver Craft Cider Fest and Member Appreciation Night. But we will be notifying members of this event shortly. You will have ample time to place it in your calendars and get there without incident.

I look forward to meeting you, sharing a beer with you and telling you all about the things that made me fall in love with this incredible organization.

David Perry
CAMRA BC – Vancouver Branch





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