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  • Juicy IPA Sub-Styles

    As you may have noticed, there has been a recent storm sweeping across the city and province, moving away from the bitterness arms race in IPAs towards more juicy, hazy and tropical IPAs. For a long time the expectation was for a brewery to have a classic and crystal clear West Coast or North West…

  • Homebrew Happenings: Adjuncts at Home

    When you hear the word adjunct, it generally conjures up a mental image of fizzy, yellow macro lagers.  But adjuncts have recently found their place in craft beer, and today we’re going to talk about their use in homebrewing. Specifically today I  want to talk about corn, rice, and pure sugars.  Other adjuncts like wheat,…

  • Homebrew Happenings: Experiment!

    Welcome back to Homebrew Happenings.  This month I’m going to do something a little bit different from the usual essay on a particular topic and go over a little experiment I ran over the last month or so.

  • Wood and Barrel Aging

    Wood and barrel aging provide depth of flavours, bringing out the complexities of some beers, while allowing others to smooth our and mellow creating deep and rich flavours. Spirit and wine barrels offer additional flavours of what was previously aging in them, imparting some of that character to what is aged in the barrel after.…

  • Homebrew Happenings: Yeast!

    We’ve all heard the phrase “Brewers make wort, yeast makes beer.”  So how do you make sure that the yeast takes the same care with your wort as you do? There are several answers to that question, depending on your yeast and your desired outcome.

  • Homebrew Happenings: Barleywine

    We hate to break it to you but summer is long over. Those refreshing session IPAs just seem to lack a little something something… so we turn our attention to bigger beers that will keep us warm during our damp Vancouver winter.  My personal favourite style to get me through the dreariness is a nice…

  • Homebrew Happenings: Rye Pumpkin Ale

    The season is upon us, pumpkin spice everything. It always stirs up contention in the brewing world, and probably the rest of the world as well. You can read a bit more on the history and the debate on pumpkin beer here. Every year I brew up a batch or two of pumpkin beer, tinkering…

  • Homebrew Happenings: What to do when you can’t save a brew?

    Welcome back to Homebrew Happenings! As every Homebrewer knows sometimes your batch just does not turn out right. Brewing at home can mean less than ideal conditions and equipment, and sometimes just plain bad luck.  So what can you do if you end up with some “different” or “bad” beer…

  • Homebrew Happenings: The Wit

    With the hot weather recently we’ve been enjoying various summer beer styles and we thought we would detail one of our favourite styles to brew in summer!

  • Pico: The Keurig of Beer?

    Pico: The Keurig of Beer?

    Check out what Forbes Magazine is calling the Keurig of beer! The Pico is a kitchen appliance that makes fresh homebrew with just the push of a button. Created by Microsoft ex-vice president Bill Mitchell, this nifty machine uses pre-packaged ingredient pods to take the hassle out of homebrewing.

  • Centennial Homebrewing Supplies

    The Spotlight is a series of interviews with the craft beer heroes behind local organizations who are helping grow the beer scene in our fine city. This week’s spotlight is on Centennial Homebrewing Supplies.