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CAMRA Vancouver AGM

Our AGM is scheduled for Saturday, February 27th at the Biltmore Cabaret, 2755 Prince Edward St, Vancouver, BC. All CAMRA Vancouver members in good standing are invited to attend. RSVP information will be sent directly to members via email.

Executive nominations will run from Jan 11 – Feb 22nd. Want to get involved? Get your CAMRA member friend to nominate you and make sure you are a member in good standing. In the event of multiple nominations for a position, we will hold a vote at the AGM.

We will also be handing out our 2015 CAMRA Vancouver Awards. Voting will begin January 18th and run until Feb 5th. Keep an eye out for a voting card in your inbox!

Current Nominees


David Perry

I have felt very fortunate to serve one term as president of the Vancouver Branch of this amazing organization. It has allowed me to embed myself even more in a community that I already adored! I would be honoured to have another vote of confidence from the Vancouver membership and be permitted to serve a second term as president. Near the end of the last year we saw an overhaul of our education Curriculum (with classes like The Science of Beer and the Business of Beer) which I would like to see continued. Additionally, after a year of stepping back on the local advocacy front – due to some tension caused the year prior – I would like to come together and push forward consumer rights issues that are near and dear to our members’ hearts; things like a Fess Up to Serving Sizes 2.0 campaign, and an education program on the importance of well maintained tap lines come to mind. Along the same vein, forming a group of advocate minded individuals from across the community to advise the executive board would be a step in the right direction for us.


Kerry Dyson

I am a passionate and committed member to the craft beer and home brewing scene in Vancouver. During my time at the University of British Columbia, I joined and became the president of the UBC brewing club, brewing, educating and promoting craft beer to club members and university students. In 2014, I first began working with CAMRA Vancouver’s executive and continue to do so. Currently, I am working as a brewer with Bridge Brewing Company. This allows me to continue my involvement with craft beer from an industry, consumer, and advocate perspective.

Vancouver and British Columbia are exciting places to be for craft beer, with new breweries, launches, and events popping up constantly. We need to both work with and challenge the government and industry to ensure that consumers have a voice at the table. CAMRA needs to be involved and exert its influence. I hope to continue serving on the executive in 2016 to continue to promote, educate, and advocate on behalf of Vancouver’s members as the craft beer movement continues to grow.



Renata Duquemin

Hi there!  I’m Renata Duquemin!  I have been CAMRA Vancouver’s treasurer for 2015 and am looking forward to continuing again in 2016. I am a bookkeeper by day which allows me to bring that knowledge to overseeing CAMRA Vancouver’s accounts and other financial commitments. I have been heavily involved volunteering with our 2015 exec at events throughout the year and understand the type of time and energy needed for this role. I love, love, love the craft beer community that CAMRA represents  and look forward to another, even more, productive year with CAMRA Vancouver.

Membership Coordinator

Shawna Perry

I started volunteering with the CAMRA Executive in 2013. I’ve spent the past year updating and refining our social media and digital communications to a more modern and efficient system. I thrive on organization and what many would deem “menial tasks”.  In my time on the executive, the most recurring complaints I have seen are with regards to our membership management. As an organization that depends on our members for success, this is unacceptable and must change

I’ve already set into motion an entirely new membership registration and management system, making it easier for members to access their information and join/renew. This new system will have a more efficient database ensuring that renewal notifications will go out, as opposed to past years where around 50% of notifications were sent. This system should be up and running by April 2016 and I would like to see it through and continue to make great improvements to the way CAMRA Vancouver manages memberships.

Communications Director

Ashleigh Begg

My involvement with CAMRA Vancouver began in 2014 as webmaster, charged with the task of overhauling the old website into the new, mobile-friendly version you can see today. With the new website up and running, I am currently working with the executive team on a new online membership system set to launch very soon. In addition to the Vancouver site, I  also created the website for South Okanagan, BC’s newest branch. Professionally, my background is in design, project management and communications (including social media marketing) and I would love to use my expertise in these areas to help grow CAMRA Vancouver. If elected as Communications Director, an area I would like to further expand is CAMRA’s education initiatives. Using my background in educational development I would like to help provide a wider range of craft beer education materials available both online and in our monthly education classes. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the 2016 executive team in serving CAMRA Vancouver (and BC’s) membership.

Events Coordinator

Ksenia Dempster

Education Liaison

Kai Miller

I’m a beer geek and brewer living in Vancouver. I began teaching CAMRA education classes mid-year and took over as Education Liaison when Danny resigned. The education portfolio combines my twin loves: beer, and telling people what to think. I’ve got beer nerd bona fides. I’ve brewed professionally for Parallel 49 and 33 Acres, and am currently considering breweries even without numbers in their names. I’m a BJCP beer judge and a BSc in Biology and History of Science.

As Education Liaison, I’ll continue to offer many of the popular classes we’ve offered before. I’ve already got a couple new ones brewing, like a bar-staff-centric Beer Service 101, splitting Science of Beer into two less scary Brewing Science and Beer Flavour Chemistry classes, and a couple fun new takes on History of Beer. I enjoy teaching, but I’m also eager to tap some of the talent and expertise of the beer scene here to find new guest teachers. I’m looking forward to hearing from membership about what classes you want to see (and maybe whom you want teaching them!) I also want to update and improve the educational resources on our website. Vote for me! I’m already doing it anyway.

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