One of CAMRA BC’s most important pillars is education and we run a program that aims to bring to our members and supporters a range of options for learning about craft beer in all its forms.

We’re also helping to show:
– How beer is made
– Different styles from different places
– The correct method of serving
– The legal status of beer in BC

This exploration of imported examples and local reproductions will surely open your eyes to some of the most idiosyncratic beer styles out there. More info.

Barleywines, quads, and Russian imperial stouts oh my! These beasts are big on flavour, cost, and alcohol. A quick foray into cellaring and aging beer. More info.

Forget the 2 Litre sweet stuff, we will be discussing Small Batch Craft Cider or Real Cider. If you want to learn more about Cider, this is the class for you. More info.

New to Vancouver is the exciting world of Spanish or Basque ciders! Even the serving technique has a flair that only a Spaniard could pull off with a straight face. More info.

Craft Beer 101 lays down a foundational knowledge of beer styles and how to enjoy them. Eight beer styles from around the world will be sampled while the history of beer and the brewing process is explained. More info.

Craft Beer 102 explores more obscure ingredients and brewing techniques and historical practices and modern methods outside of the basic four explained in Craft Beer 101. More info.

This introductory class on English ales will explore the evolution of the classic styles of the British Isles. After this class you’ll leave with a deep appreciation for all that tiny nation has done for beer. More info.

Learn the basics of how to pair beer with different foods and incorporating beer into your food. You’ll leave with plenty of inspiration to give up your New Year’s resolution to eat less decadently. More info.

This class focuses on prolific German beers and shows how amazing ingredients, an exciting range of yeasts, and a dedication to excellence in beer can taste. Prost! More info.

This peek at the history of beer, its production, and the various revolutions it has undergone will leave you thirsty for more. Samples will be supplied to help with that. More info.

 This introduction to the marvelous Humulus lupulus, along with samples of beer of course, should allow any beer drinker to examine beer styles in a completely new light. More info.

An introduction to six most common beer flaws and how they affect the  experience of the beer, along with samples to help new and experienced beer drinkers identify “off” beers. More info.

As most people will tell you, great beer is all about balance and drinkability. Using local examples of beer and some blending hopefully you’ll pick up a few things on the finer points of beer flavour. More info.

Let’s geek it up a notch. Have you ever wondered why a hefeweizen tastes like bananas? Probably. Have you ever wondered what is the biochemical pathway for the formation of isoamyacetate?  More info.

Sours are one of the newest genres of beer to start appearing in our pubs and bottle shops. This introduction to the tart and the funk will blow your minds and your taste buds. More info.

Ben Coli is head brewer and owner at Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby,his knowledge and pasion for Belgian beer –  makes him well suited to teach popular class featuring some of the best Belgian beers. More info.


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